Rob ListerRob Lister, from Lister Communications, explains how to deal with slow broadband:

A HIGHLIGHT of the recent Queen’s Speech was the Digital Economy Bill which promised the legal right to fast broadband in the UK, as well as support for businesses investing in broadband infrastructure:

“Measures will be brought forward to create the right for every household to access high speed broadband. Legislation will be introduced to make the United Kingdom a world leader in the digital economy.” With poor internet connections costing businesses £11 billion each year, there has been overwhelming support for the Queen’s announcement. mHer Majesty also announced greater powers for Ofcom to improve visibility of internet providers’ broadband speeds, as well as numbers of complaints, to help consumers make a more informed decision when choosing a provider.

So what are your options if you have a poor connection?

Your first option is that you can wait for the Queen to fix it, or for the sometimes vague completion dates from BT, but you could be waiting some time. If your problem is that you have no line, satellite broadband could help connect your business to the internet. Slow internet bottlenecking your business? You can get a provider such as Lister’s to install a dedicated fibre line to ensure you have a superfast connection. For some businesses, internet is essential for taking payments. Having 4G broadband back up means that if your internet drops, you can still handle transactions and your business won’t suffer. The main thing you need to be sure of getting is a connection and infrastructure that suits your business, and telecoms systems that suit your connection.

If you have slow internet, we won’t sell you VoIP, and if you need stable, superfast internet we can install lines and systems to give you the best possible speeds, so talk to one of our knowledge base experts on 01453 829200 to find out which broadband solution is best for your business.

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