Tom-BlumsomTom Blumsom of Lister Unified Communications discusses M2M Devices and Connectivity:

KPMG forecast that M2M would have a significant impact on UK businesses in 2016. This certainly rings true for Lister Unified Communications who have seen a huge uptake in M2M by businesses in Gloucestershire.

M2M stands for machine to machine and refers to devices that communicate without the need for human involvement. In practice this can be anything from vending machines that order themselves a refill when they’re low on stock, to sensors on pregnant cows that notify farmers when calving begins, to trackers on jet engines that transmit data to optimise maintenance schedules. A recent report by CSG Systems showed that 94% of businesses see an ROI from M2M projects.

The main benefits include:

  • reducing the amount of stock held
  • reducing time wasted servicing
  • creating more streamlined business processes
  • tracking real data allowing trends to be spotted and adjusted for
  • improving efficiency and offering additional services

Businesses across Gloucestershire struggle with connectivity, usually in the form of slow internet, or poor signal. It’s essential to partner with a communications partner specialising in M2M, who can provide intelligent networking solutions and specialised data plans designed for M2M applications so that you see the full benefits of M2M technology.

Lister Unified Communications have a range of M2M connectivity solutions, including specialised multi-network SIM cards that enable mobile M2M devices to automatically jump the the strongest network wherever they are, and an expert networks and data team who can design and implement effective connectivity solutions for grouped M2M devices.

Lister have published a free white paper on M2M connectivity solutions that you can download here. For more information call 01453 829 200.