phone-baubleChristmas is coming, and with it, a host of challenges and opportunities for businesses. Some need to rapidly upscale, some need to survive on a smaller than usual workforce, some need to seamlessly integrate temp workers, and all will struggle with staff going on holiday, calling in sick or getting trapped by bad weather. Fortunately there are a number of ways that your phone system can help you navigate the holiday period with ease.

For businesses that are busy during the Christmas period, VoIP systems let you add users at the click of a button; personalised on-hold messages can be changed easily to reflect your latest seasonal offers; remote workers and mobiles can be integrated as if they were extensions in your office; and cloud data storage can help all your employees access the files they need; making setting up new workstations faster and more cost effective.

Those needing to survive on a smaller workforce can take advantage of features like an automated reception console and automatic call routing to make it seem like business as usual and on-hold messages can communicate changes in opening hours and the dates of staff leave.

Risks like staff illness, bad weather and power cuts, can be mitigated by services like cloud back-ups, broadband back-up, and remote worker integration, meaning your staff can still access critical information, even if trapped at home.

Lister have published a FREE white paper on telecoms solutions to help you manage the Christmas period. You can download it here, or for more information, call 01453 829 200.