Tom Wand explains how to coordinate telecoms and IT:

Integration of telecoms and IT is increasingly important for businesses and the crossover between both disciplines is becoming broader. There are many elements which must cooperate for businesses to see the full benefit of their systems.

A great example is VoIP; a VoIP system lets you make phone calls over your internet connection, and provides a range of additional functionality that can help make your business more efficient. However it relies on fast internet, effective network infrastructure, software and optimally configured routers to work at it’s best and may require support from both IT and telecoms providers if issues arise with the system.

Another example is internet connectivity. Installing internet often falls to telecoms providers, while cybersecurity, wifi, cloud solutions, back-ups and data servers fall to the IT provider. This can lead to all sorts of technical issues as well as reliance on two providers to communicate and understand what sits with who.

The simple solution to this is to find a provider with both telecoms and IT expertise, and get everything managed through a single point of contact. By doing this you ensure from the outset that your telecoms and IT work harmoniously and give your business the most value out of both.

Lister Unified Communications are a leading provider of both telecoms and IT, delivering expert IT knowledge through Lister group company Strategic IT Management. By handling IT and telecoms, it gives businesses peace of mind that their systems are working together effectively and that any required support will have all the information they need for all the systems involved.

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