Tom Wand explains how Cloud Communications can increase your business’ flexibility and productivity.

No business can afford to stand still: companies that are responsive and adaptable are best placed for today’s fast-changing business environment. Moving your phone system into the Cloud can save your business money and increase your business’ flexibility and productivity.

Our Cloud Communications (VoIP) is a hosted, web-based phone system that delivers calls over your broadband. There is no difference to the way you make calls, just the way data is transferred.

It is easy to assume your existing phone system is operating effectively if there aren’t any obvious issues with performance. However, there are many hidden costs in a traditional system:
• Lack of flexible working and access to all the information means productivity can suffer.
• Missing calls results in a risk of losing business, leads and opportunities.
• Paying for phone lines that are not in use is an unnecessary cost.
By changing to a hosted phone system you can overcome these problems and save your business money.

One of the biggest changes in the workforce in recent years has been the rise in numbers of remote workers. The Office of National Statistics reports that 4.2 million employees in total are working remotely. With Cloud Communications this doesn’t have to be a problem for your business, as mobile workforces and remote workers can be added to the main switchboard to deliver seamless connectivity throughout multiple locations.

As your business restructures, your phone system can too. On traditional telecoms systems you would need to purchase additional lines and capacity for new staff, but with Cloud Communications you are free from the constraints of a fixed workforce. Add and remove users whenever you need to and only pay for what you use.

Cloud Communications provide an affordable and scalable hosted phone system with the ability to answer calls on your mobile, from your office telephone system seamlessly. Call our specialists for more information.

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