With mobile phones getting cheaper and network coverage getting better, you might be tempted to think that, where communication is absolutely critical, such as for security teams, emergency responders and events organisers, using a mobile phone is now fine. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? That’s great until the signal fails. Two-way radios (or walkie talkies) remain indispensable for many businesses and here’s why (schools, colleges, events organisers and land owners, take note)…

1. The battery life – How many times a week do you charge your mobile? Two-way radios can hold their charge for weeks.

2. Cost Savings – Those who use mobile phones for their communication pay a monthly bill. Those who use digital two-way radios can do that, or have the option to own their devices, i.e. no month-to-month payments, or hire them for a limited time for specific events.

3. Better reception on a secure network – Two-way radios are now digital, allowing for two-way improved call quality with feedback suppression; intelligent audio, cutting out background noice; and further coverage.

4. Hard wearing – With superior durability radios are better suited for outdoor and emergency situations.

Two-way radio has two main options: ‘Licence-free’, which are suitable for short-range, basic use and ‘licensed’, for greater coverage and functionality.

Long-term radio hire should also include annual servicing, technical support and the ability to add more handsets over time.

Lister has years of experience delivering walkie talkies throughout Gloucestershire and nationally.

We have tried and tested technology for every environment and can apply for licensing on your behalf if you require it. We can also recommend handsets suited to licensed or licence-free use and work with you to develop a rental package that suits you, so you have as many radios as you need, ready when you need them.

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