Are business mobile phones becoming drivers’ fatal attraction?

Business owners be aware, you can now be prosecuted if your employees are deemed to be driving dangerously when using mobile phones, even with handsfree devices. If you require employees to make or receive calls, you can be held responsible for the repercussions.

Drivers talking on mobiles are 4x more likely to crash, and a staggering 23x more likely when texting. It’s been shown that reaction times when texting are 3x worse than if you were drink driving.

So what can you do to stop your staff answering the office and clients whilst they are driving? You could try laying down the law but you know it’s not going to stop them having a sneaky look at texts. The only real answer is to use technology itself.

At Lister we have a range of smart apps that allow you to change how the mobile phone works when it’s on the move in a car. Even on handsfree, the apps will lock the screen to stop any visual distractions, including messages or notifications. Urgent messages can still be received while in transit, the app alerts you with a voice message saying “You have a message from the office, please park the vehicle when safe to do so and retrieve the message.” The messages cannot be accessed until the car is stationary.

We’ve been using these systems for a number of years now with clients and they really work. The apps can also monitor usage and help with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), allowing managers to take control of the devices if they need to be returned to the office or if they are stolen.

We also offer an app for lone worker protection, providing real-time monitoring and welfare checks for remote and lone staff. All Lister apps work in tandem to put the safety of your employees first.

Businesses need to take action before it’s too late and you end up with a fine, or worse, your business is part of a traffic accident investigation. With summer now here and staff working remotely, make sure you have the right technology in place. For a demonstration of the apps and a free mobile phone strategy meeting, talk to Simon Gardner on 01453 829200.