What price do you put on your business’s internet connectivity, telephony and disaster recovery?

In the 21st century it is vital for businesses to embrace new technology and digital connectivity if they are to grow and prosper.

For without a fast and reliable telephony and internet service no business can succeed. Communication is a key part of all our busy lives.

Stonehouse-based Lister Unified Communications has become one of the largest and most experienced telecommunications suppliers in the region, using the latest technology to service some of the best-known companies in Gloucestershire and throughout the UK.

“Gloucestershire has finally entered the 21st century in terms of fast internet and fibre broadband is becoming available in the vast majority of places” said Rob Lister, Director of Lister Unified Communications.

With so many applications in the cloud, customer requests can now be dealt with quickly from a desktop. It is a far cry from the days of the old analogue service.

“We deliver fast, guaranteed services with the response rate our customers need,” said Rob. “The explosion in the use of cloud applications has brought with it an ever-growing demand for greater bandwidth to increase the rate at which data can be transmitted to businesses.”

With more office-based administration software being hosted in the cloud you can’t afford to lose your internet connectivity.

With options for Private Ethernet Circuits or Fibre Broadband now readily available, both using the latest fibre-optic technology to provide faster speeds and a more reliable internet service, it means you can make your business run more efficiently and be more profitable.

Rob Lister explained: “Lister Unified Communications fibre service offers 99.9 per cent per cent uptime with a full service level agreement.

“The faster internet speeds provided by fibre broadband enable you and your staff to carry out more bandwidth-heavy tasks simultaneously (including sending and receiving large files, images and video) without experiencing slowdowns.”

It also opens up your business to world markets, allowing you to instantly communicate with customers across the world using video conferencing and other internet chat systems. Fibre also allows you to take advantage of hosted applications, such as instant data backups, to reduce equipment, software and licensing costs – so you only pay for the cloud hosted data.

“When you work out the cost and impact on your business of losing your internet connectivity, it doesn’t take long to see the advantages of fibre. At Lister we can help with your digital connectivity and create solutions that are working for our clients right now,” said Rob.

He added: “Once you get your infrastructure and connectivity right it is very easy to add applications and different services onto your device and your network. That is when all the trading gains come for a business, as well as operational gains and customer services gains.

“It is about putting the right value on your connectivity, back- up and continuity of service. With our experience, resources and technical know-how, Lister Unified Communications can provide a complete telecommunications service tailored to your business needs.”

If you would like to discuss how Lister can help you with telecommunications and broadband, please do not hesitate to contact us today.