How did we fair in the Cummings County Quiz?

This week has seen Lister Unified Communications take on other local businesses from around the county in a bid to win The Cummings County Quiz on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. Our team comprised of Rob & Tom Lister, Julie Weir, Simon Gardner,  as well as guest appearances from Zoe Lemon, Tim Hutchinson, ‘Professor’ Tom Blumsom, Tom Howell and Sally Rice on some of the mornings.

The quiz runs with each business appearing for an entire week with the presenter Mark Cummings asking a series of questions, mostly general knowledge about Gloucestershire. The questions varied from guess the mystery voice to whether a place was in or out of Gloucestershire.

On Monday, we got off to a cracking start bringing in a total of 9 points out of a possible 10. Rob kicked it off with a confident mystery voice answer, the great chef and even better prop, Phil Vickery.  The success continued as several of the questions were sport related, a piece of cake for the Lister team. We finished our first day on the show with a great score and looked forward to the challenge for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday, Mark Owen, from Punchline-Gloucester joined us as our wild card – we still aren’t sure whether this bought us good or bad luck. Even without our ‘forest friend’ Tim, we were challenged by the Forest of Dean based question ‘What does Yat in Symonds Yat stand for?’. We managed to come out on top again with a great score, with the help of Julie with some excellent guesses!

Our broad knowledge of the local area, or maybe just skilled guesswork sailed us right through the rest of the week with scores of 9 and 8 on Wednesday and Thursday, with the help of Simon who likes goats and Tom ‘the professor’. A highlight on Thursday was a great true or false question on whether Cllr Paul James was a stable boy in his younger years.

With an aim of coming out on top by the end of the week, we went into Friday with high hopes. We had the biggest team yet including two of our nine Toms, Julie, Simon, Zoe and Sally. However, something told us after the first question that we would be out of luck.

Although disappointed, we want to congratulate both Freeman Group and Pro Global for remaining in the lead with 39 points. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had a great time playing along with Mark on BBC Radio Gloucestershire.