Little strikes fear into the heart of a business owner like a total breakdown in their communication systems – cutting them off from their customers.

So, you can imagine the potential for sleepless nights when a business owner decides to move premises.

Which is what Petticoat Management Team Ltd decided to do.

For the Payroll Bureau services firm, which also offers back office systems and admin predominantly for the hospitality Industry, a breakdown in its systems would be devastating.

Luckily for Amanda Bushell, a director of the family business, the process was anything but fraught with difficulty. It was seamless.

“We have worked with Lister Communication for many years and found them very knowledgeable and offer an excellent service,” she said, explaining the firm had outgrown its Gloucester office and had relocated to Ryeford, Stonehouse.

But the proof came with the office move.

“When we relocated to our new offices they offered a very competitive price and we are really impressed with the process from start to finish, they engaged with us every step of the way ensuring we were happy and fully understood the system,” said Ms Bushell.

“The work was completed to a high standard and we are confident they will continue to support us on going and develop the system further.”

Rob Lister, a director at Stonehouse-headquartered Lister Unified Communications, said the job had involved a complete relocation of the company and some tight deadlines it could simply not miss.

“We provided high performance internet access – with a 1GB private ethernet circuit to ensure ample bandwidth,” said Mr Lister.

“This is also about forward planning – the capacity will allow the company to continue to evolve and for us to help with cloud services and IT support.”

The package also included back-up fibre broadband, re-wiring the building with Cat5 cable (which provides performance of up to 100 MHz), relocating the communications room, installing new power over ethernet switches (which allow power and data to flow through the same cable), removing and re-installing VoIP Cloud Phone System (which allows you to make calls over the internet rather than over the traditional phone network) and being on hand for the first morning to support staff with the move.

Lister is one of the largest and most experienced telecommunications provides in the region and now looks after an estimated 1500 active clients throughout the UK.

It is a leading provider of complete unified communications solutions including on-site and cloud telephone systems, mobile phones, internet connectivity and voice and data networking, alongside a host of complementary services such as call and data plans, tracking, two-way radio, video conferencing, CCTV and call recording.

If you would like to discuss how Lister can help you with telecommunications and broadband, please do not hesitate to contact us today.