We need to inform you that BT has introduced a new charge that we will need to pass onto you in accordance with Ofcom regulations and our T&Cs.

Regretfully, this connection charge will occur every time you make a call and we will bill you 0.17p (£0.0017) per call on a not-for-profit basis.

This new charge will come into effect on October 1, 2018.

For customers using SIP or a Gamma Horizon hosted telephone system, this charge will not apply, unless you have separate PSTN or ISDN lines you still use for calls or a fax machine.

While the charge is not significant, this may be indicative of the pricing direction of traditional voice services in the future, following BT Wholesale’s seven-year notice of full withdrawal of these services (no longer available to purchase from 2023, planned to switch-off December 2025)

If you wish to speak to us about moving away from analogue and digital lines to SIP or Hosted Cloud Telephony, please email hello@lister-communications.co.uk or contact your account manager.

For more information about the benefits of SIP and Cloud Telephony: