Lister Unified Communications has been inspired to support a Gloucester homeless charity, after installing a new communication system at its sites.

Tim Hutchinson, an engineer with the Stonehouse-based communications business, learned about the fantastic work of Emmaus and wanted to do his bit to help – and he enlisted the help of his kind-hearted colleagues.

Tim said: “Whilst I was there, I learned quite a bit about what they do and how they go about supporting the homeless in obtaining an address and a bank account which will enable them to be employed and have something to work towards.

“I am guilty of sometimes stereotyping and judging a book by its cover, so I have volunteered to assist this charity to prepare hot food and hand it out to anyone who needs it in Gloucester city centre.”

He called on his colleagues to bring in donations of unwanted flasks, coffee cups and sleeping bags, to help keep the city’s homeless population warm in winter.

“Please go and sit outside at night and you will soon realise that a sleeping bag and hot soup will go a long way in making life that little bit better.”

When Tim and his partner Emma McEwan, who works at Wood Veterinary Group in Gloucester, served hot food to the homeless, they chatted to them and realised how becoming homeless really could happen to anyone.

Tim said: “This could happen to anyone at any time. Within a few months, people go from being part of a family to living on the streets and struggling to keep warm. It must be devastating.”

Tim and Emma have pledged to continue volunteering as often as they can during the winter, and are calling on their colleague for donations of hats, scarves, gloves, sock and backpacks.

Rob Lister, managing director of Lister Unified Communications, said: “What Tim and Emma are doing is fantastic and typical of our selfless staff at Lister. Emmaus are one of our customers, but it is a pleasure to be able to support them with more than just a communications system. It is great to see colleagues getting behind Tim and Emma and bringing in donations to support homeless people in Gloucester and the work of this very worthy charity.”

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