Lister Unified Communications have teamed up with a taxi company to give drivers and dispatchers an essential tool that takes the hassle out of booking, recording and managing jobs.

Thanks to the installation of multi-network data sim cards, the drivers and dispatchers now receive faultless and reliable cellular coverage wherever they are in their area.

The mobile phone-based system allows drivers to report when they are free for new jobs and allows the office-based dispatchers to match jobs to drivers in suitable locations.

Jordan Douglas, Account manager for Stonehouse-based Lister Unified Communication, said the installation of multi-network data sims had made a real difference to the taxi company.

“We have supplied 150 multi-network sims using EE, Vodafone and Three networks, so they have reliable coverage,” he said.

“It allows the drivers to use a dispatch solution which gives them allocated jobs as well as informing the office when they are available for new jobs.

“It also tracks where they are and their mileage. It’s an essential tool for their work, without it they can’t do the work as efficiently.

“Having multi-network data sims allows them certainty when it comes to coverage.

“Previously they used single network sims and kept spares on other networks, in case of poor coverage in one particular area.

“But all networks have reliability issues, for example the O2 network went down for more than four hours across the country recently. That would have meant taxi drivers not being able to work.”

Multi-network data sims cost roughly the same as a single network card, but as there is no longer the need to hold backups, they work out much cheaper in the long run.

Lister are also able to add the benefit of their knowledge and expertise to the company to allow them to get the most out of the technology.

Mr Douglas added: “With this system the taxi control has access to a Lister Portal and can see data usage, faults and issues on the data sims.

“We can also offer a bespoke tariffing system, to give the end user exactly what they want an need in terms of shared data.

“We can cap data usage individually or as a group, we can manage the number of IP addresses and the length of contract. We also agree data coverage charges. It’s a very flexible system.”

For more information on multi-network data sims visit or contact 01453 829200.