The biggest name in telecoms manufacturing has partnered with one of the biggest brand names on the planet and Lister Unified Communications are leading the way in selling their new product.

J179 – free with 5 year contract

The Stonehouse-based communications specialists have been partners with world-leading telecoms manufacturer Avaya for a decade and have countless customers who use their office-based tech.

But in a game-change for the market, Avaya have now partnered with Google to provide a cloud-based solution that takes their products to the next level.

Rob Lister, sales director for Lister Unified Communications, said: “Avaya are the world’s leading telecoms manufacturer and the lead product we sell for onsite solutions.

“They’ve come galivanting late to the Cloud market, but are determined to push ahead and have partnered with google.

“Avaya Cloud will be hosted in the google data centres which means two leading companies will be joining forces to work together.

“And now they have some incredibly aggressive pricing for existing Avaya users who want to upgrade to cloud-based solutions.

“Add to this, they are offering free top of the range handsets as part of that offer. It’s a very exciting chance to push ahead and upgrade their systems.”

Lister have worked with Avaya products for more than a decade due to their industry-leading capabilities that range from basic telephony to sophisticated networked systems.

J169 – free with 3 year contract

Avaya systems can manage up to 2,000 extensions and network up to 32 individual devices allowing Lister to install systems that meet the need of companies of any size.

With Google adding their industry-leading knowledge of cloud-based security, Mr Lister believes that the new partnership makes the new systems a no-brainer for anyone looking to upgrade.

He said: “We’ve been an Avaya partner for more than 10 years now and have a lot of customers that may well be contemplating upgrading their own systems to the cloud.

“This offers them the chance to stay with the comfort of a tried and tested product that they know, but with the added bonus of the hosting and security being in the google data centre.

“We think that partnership is a very, very strong offering compared to the other cloud-based offerings out there.”

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