The advent of 5G is upon us and it’s going to be one of the biggest changes to hit the communications market since the dawn of the mobile phone.

This is not a network upgrade like we have seen before with 3G and 4G. Nor is it just a single upgrade.

5G is an ever-evolving network of networks that encompasses existing standards – and one that sets us up for the future.

And it’s not just your mobile that will be involved. A whole host of other devices will be used in what is being called the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

What are the improvements?

  • Faster Speeds – 5G speeds will be as fast as 10gb per second – they may be even faster.
  • Lower Latency – 5G will have significantly less delay or lag on your phone or device.
  • Greater Capacity -5G will allow more devices to connect and perform high-demand functions at the same time.
  • Reliability – 5G will mean no dropped calls or drop outs in connection.
  • Flexibility – 5G will allow networks to divide and splice capacity
  • Improved Battery Life – 5G is expected to extend the life of your device’s batter tenfold.

When and how will I get it?

All of the main UK networks have launched their 5G networks, many with unlimited tariffs that include mobile data.

To access 5G you need a compatible phone, of which there is a limited choice. Currently, there is not a 5G-enabled iPhone.

Infrastructure to provide 5G is still being built and is currently only available in London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Belfast.

It is being rolled out across the country and improvements are taking place all the time, so check online.

How much will it cost?

New 5G tariffs are more expensive than previous charges, but all come with the option of unlimited data.

Which phones support 5G?

There is a limit of choices at present and some handset names you may never have heard of until now.

Generally, a 5G handset will be at the higher-end of the price range but as the infrastructure and availability improves, the prices will come down.

When Apple launch a 5G-enabled device, the take-up will dramatically increase.

5G HANDSETS: Samsung Note 10+5G, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, OnePlus 7Pro 5G, Huawei Mate x, LG V50 ThinQ.

How can 5G help my business?

5G and the Internet of Things will provide a wealth of data, allowing businesses to gain operational insights like never before.

Key decisions will be driven by data and allow for innovation across all sectors which will pave the way for cost savings.

Cutting-edge innovations like automation and Artificial Intelligence will also benefit as 5G connectivity will allow for communication to and between up to one-million devices per square kilometre.

At Lister, we have already seen a surge in demand for Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity with businesses connecting everything from wind turbines and vending machines to taxis and grain silos.

Is 5G worth it?

Absolutely. At Lister, we believe that 5G offers a wealth of opportunities for your business – and not just when it comes to mobile phones.

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