Businesses across the South West can improve the safety and productivity of their vehicle fleets thanks to a new partnership between Lister Unified Communications and the RAC.

The Stonehouse-based communications specialists have agreed a partnership with the RAC to provide their connected telematics products across the region.


The game-changing product offers companies valuable information on the fuel consumption of their vehicle fleets as well as on the safety of the people behind the wheel.

It also provides information on an individual vehicle’s health by utilising the vast experience that the RAC have in fleet management.

Announcing the deal with the RAC, Lister Unified Communications director Jim Clapham said: “We are delighted to be partnered with such an iconic motoring brand, offering their unique telematics product.

“We have more than 14 years of experience helping South West businesses with their telematics and can see huge benefits for them with this exciting product.”

Devised and developed for the RAC’s own fleet of vehicles, RAC Connected Telematics now has tens of thousands of vehicles online.

It offers immediate information on each vehicle and the person behind the wheel.

Knowledge from the RAC’s insurance experts has been used to create algorithms to determine how well company car and van users are driving.

That data can provide further support to businesses who are looking to drive down costs.

The information highlights the fuel consumption and driving styles of each driver and how well the fleet is functioning in terms of safety.

It works by installing a small telematics box in each vehicle, with the data able to be seen on a customisable on-screen computer portal or mobile app.

Each driver has a Bluetooth key fob that interacts with the telematics box to ensure the system knows who is driving and how safely they are doing it.

Drivers also have their own personal log-in to the system which allows them to monitor their driving performance, mileage and keep track of fuel claims.

The RAC has a reputation for being one of the UK’s most-innovative motoring organisations and currently has approximately 11million members.

RAC head of commercial telematics Nigel Humpherson said: “We have developed a strong relationship with Lister Unified Communications and believe they are the right fit to supply and support our Connected Telematics products to businesses in the South West.”

RAC Connected Telematics products are one of the most affordable solutions available today, costing from £10 per vehicle, per month.

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