Struggling to effectively manage social distancing in the workplace or while out and about?

Tech giant Google might have the answer – although it is only available on Android at the moment.

The company has released a useful tool which lets you visualise social distancing guidelines, overlaid on the real world using augmented reality (AR).

Fittingly named Sodar (social distancing radar), the program uses AR to make you aware when people may be within two metres of you.

To utilise the futuristic software, all you have to do is download Google Chrome and Google Play Services for AR and head to the program’s website. Unfortunately, functionality is not available on iOS or older Android devices.

Once you have reached, tap launch and point your device to the ground so the software can scan the area.

After calibration, a shaded two-metre ring will appear around you on your smartphone screen, meaning you can be aware of your personal social distancing boundary at all times.

You can use Sodar wherever you are – at work, in the queue outside a supermarket or out for a walk.

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