23Nov 2015

Lister Unified Communications would like to wish you and everyone within your business all the very best during this holiday season and thank you for your continued business during the last year. The Christmas period can be a stressful time for business owners trying to ensure that your clients still receive the levels of service […]

23Oct 2015

‘Phreaking’ is a term coined to explain the close investigation of telephone communications and networks, usually related to that of hacking – ‘explore and exploit’. Although originally, it was a term meant for someone who enjoyed exploring, playing with or learning about computers, it has grown synonymous with a negative hacking nature, spawning a multi-million […]

06Oct 2015

With the release of Apple’s iOS 9 and a raft of new features, one feature in particular, the seemingly innocuous Wi-Fi Assist which you may not have heard of but could potentially be one of the features that you really do need to know about! Enabled by default this feature will automatically switch your data […]

10Sep 2015

Wednesday 9th September Apple executives unveiled new versions of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at the Apple event in San Francisco, California. We have included the main highlights of the new devices below but if you would like to know more or make a pre-order, Talk to us on 0800 652 4133. iPhone […]

21Aug 2015

Lister Communications would like to wish you and everyone at your business all the very best for the Summer Bank Holiday weekend! We will be closed  Monday 31st August, during this period please call 01453 829200 to contact our out of hours service. You can find our company contact page here. If you have a mobile […]

20Aug 2015

  Lister Unified Communications has become one of the most successful telephone system and mobile phone companies in Gloucestershire. They also excel at their commitment to creating long term relationships with local businesses, charities and organisations. Namely their long term relationship with the Nelson Trust, the Gloucestershire based registered charity set up in 1985, celebrating […]

19Aug 2015

  Businesses from across Gloucestershire will get the chance to find out more about the Eco Park proposal at a unique networking event when Forest Green face Cheltenham Town this September. Hosted by Lister Unified Communications, the networking event will be held before Rovers match with The Robins on Tuesday 22nd September, which will be […]

18Aug 2015

Stay in touch, even when you can’t get a signal!             Download TU Go for free and use wifi to keep you and your business connected even when you can’t get a signal. You can make or receive calls, send or receive texts and check your voicemail, wherever you are, […]

14Aug 2015

The strength of a mobile phone signal varies depending on where you live and which mobile network provider you choose. Your distance and direction to the nearest mobile phone tower will have the greatest effect on your signal.  You must be within “range” to use or continue to use your mobile phone.  This “range” depends upon a […]

13Aug 2015

So you have lost or had your phone stolen! Difficult and annoying at the best of times however these days mobile phones are just more than devices for making and receiving calls. They have become our connection do the outside world. Did you know the average smartphone user checks their smartphone 110 times a day! […]