05May 2017
Lister were recently awarded a certificate for achieving EE’s compliance. This means that Lister Unified Communications adhere to Ofcom’s General Condition 23 (GC23). All providers of mobile communications services must comply with GC23, which protects consumers from mis-selling. GC23 came into force on 16 September 2009. To ensure providers comply with the requirements of the [...]
10Apr 2012

At Lister Communications we are always looking for better ways to connect with our clients. With this in mind we are in the process of creating our new monthly e-newsletter. This newsletter will contain all the latest business telecoms news as well as reviews, hints and tips, free advice and monthly special offers only available to our newsletter subscribers. As a special […]

21Mar 2012

This week we have launched our ‘new business’ team. The keen new team is dedicated to helping business owners like you, save both time and money through the use of intelligent telecoms solutions. Why not give the team a call today on 01453 829230 and let us show you what great things we can do […]

25May 2011

E-Books to help your business expand   As part of their ambition to help smaller companies, Blackberry have teamed up with the business publisher, Brightword, to bring out a series of e-books giving all the information needed to help your business grow to the next level and beyond.  The series will give you bitesize information on […]

21Apr 2011

Once again, BlackBerry has brought to us another application that can put the minds of all smartphone users at ease! Introducing BlackBerry Protect Picture the scene…..! In the event of your smartphone being lost/misplaced/stolen, you have the ability to use features like:     . Wireless device back-up and restore . Remote Device Wipe . Remote Device Lock . […]