Phone Systems

22Mar 2013

  Telephone Systems, what are they are and why does your business need one? In today’s blog we will investigate these questions to give you a better understanding of the technology. A telephone system connects multiple telephones within a business which allows for features like call handling and transferring, conference calling, call metering and accounting, […]

12Nov 2012

Business telephone systems can be programmed so that incoming telephone calls can be directed to specific office or mobile telephone users in a particular order. This order is called a hunt group. It is particularly useful in busy offices with multiple telephone users. It means that for incoming calls, the telephone system knows which phones […]

05Jul 2012

Until September 25th Due the success of the Trade up and Save promotion during the spring you will be pleased to know that you have not missed out. The Panasonic 20% discount promotion has been extended through the Summer (if we get one) until September 25th! This means you have not missed the opportunity to […]

04Jul 2012

Call recording involves recording phone lines, radio lines, or VoIP lines. Then using a system or software to help monitor and mark these calls and recordings for reference or internal training.The market for business that require call recording is growing at a very fast pace and there are three main reasons for this. Prove action. […]

19Apr 2012

The latest in business phone headsets are now available to you at a fraction of there normal price with this amazing offer. When you purchase your new Avaya business phone handset through Lister Communications Gloucestershire. Utilise this technology within your business to give you freedom of movement and comfort around your office when using your telephone. Call us today […]

11Apr 2012

For a limited time, you can save up to 20% when you upgrade to a new Panasonic telephone system! With the huge rise in popularity of IP based telephony systems, it could be time for your business to start reaping the benefits of modern internet telephony. The new Panasonic IP based systems offer high quality […]

23Feb 2012

This Promotion will allow legacy Panasonic customers to migrate to Avaya IP Office 500.  Avaya supports those customers to benefit from new applications and functions on IP Office such as support for 9600 series IP Phones, SIP phone support, Video conferencing, improved mobility with one-X-mobile and business continuity through resilient Small Continuity Networking (SCN).   […]