18Mar 2014

This week Microsoft have given us three major announcements regarding its OneNote offering: a free version of OneNote for Mac, a free version of OneNote for Windows, and a new cloud API for first- and third-party apps to communicate directly with OneNote. What is OneNote? OneNote can simplify taking, organising, searching and sharing your notes […]

09Jan 2014

Sochi 2014 Will Showcase Avaya’s Cutting-Edge Networking Technology to Russia — and the World. By: Eric Lai   Are the Olympic Games the pinnacle of sporting achievements—or of technology deployments? It’s not as absurd a question as it sounds. As the official network supplier for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, Avaya is building its most […]

07Jan 2014

I was in a meeting this week talking about the new Nokia 1520 and happened to mention that the device is a Phablet, after some strange looks I realised no one knew what I was talking about hence the inspiration for this weeks blog! So what is it? well the definition is: Phablet is a class […]

03Dec 2013

  There has been no shortage of technology releases in the lead up to this Christmas, including the new Apple iPad Air not to mention the PS4 and Xbox One. Tech Radar bring you 10 of the best gadget gift ideas for Christmas, including the Pebble Smartwatch and the iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner. The video […]

22Nov 2013

Sometimes working from home is forced upon you by certain unavoidable conditions. Imagine you have an important meeting or presentation to submit at work and are stranded at home due to unfavourable weather or other circumstances. While the situation seems dramatic, there are still a host of mobile apps out there that could come to […]

23Oct 2013

iPad Air had an all new design, a ton of advanced technology and is less than half a kilo in weight. For more information on tablets for your business call today 0800 652 4133

23Oct 2013

With all of the major electronics and mobile phone manufacturers releasing their spec’s and videos 2014 is likely to become the year of the Smartwatch. In this weeks blog we look a little closer and discover what is a Smartwatch and what can they do.

10Oct 2013

The Kurio 7S is the perfect Android tablet for families and children, providing kid-safe web browsing thanks to its customised Internet access controls and advanced web filtering, time limit controls, application access controls, not to mention over 60 pre-loaded games, educational content, videos, ebooks and more! 8 Tablets in 1

05Aug 2013

Smartphones, mobile devices and tablets are brilliant for storing both personal and business information, keeping you in touch and helping you work remotely but what can you do to protect yourself and your business if you lose or have your mobile device stolen? All of the major smartphone platforms have some kind of remote erase […]

29Jul 2013

Have you… Ever lost your keys? Your wallet? Your luggage? With Tile™ this is a thing of the past. Tile™ is the innovative product, backed by consumers, that can be stuck, hung or just thrown on or into your possessions so you never lose them again. The app allows you to search (within 50ft-150ft) for […]