Cloud Call Recording

If you are making contact with your customers over the phone, a call recording on which you can rely is invaluable whether it is to help keep you compliant or simply for training and quality control purposes.

Main Features:

  • NO hardware/software
  • NO installation
  • Can be turned on and off instantly
  • Fully scalable
  • Covers multiple sites and home workers
  • Call recordings are stored, emailed and easily accessed
  • It’s a remote service from within the telephone network

Like all cloud services, Cloud Call Recording is a network-based application which can be activated instantly on any Lister Communications Non-Geographic number in seconds.

As this service is deployed from within the network, no hardware or software is required by you meaning no installation is required. Fully scalable to any organisation, large or small, this is the perfect solution for end-user customers requiring a call recording solution, without incurring a capital expenditure cost.

Recordings can either be downloaded from the number manager web portal, or delivered by email or FTP at the end of each call.

Ideal if…

  • You want instant access to call recordings direct from your web browser
  • You work across multiple sites and/or have home workers
  • You need to handle thousands of simultaneously recorded calls
  • You need to meet stringent compliance and quality control standards


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