Lister Text

Web-based text messaging service

The majority of the population uses mobile phones. While many use their phones to receive emails instant messages, the most prevalent form of communication on mobiles is still SMS text messaging. Being able to communicate with your customers by text has a whole range of functions.

In other industries SMS can be used to provide information feeds to people about events such as the latest scores in a football match, major news headline or a stock market price. Providing information through SMS is a great opportunity to extend your brand recognition and customer engagement. The same way in which many businesses communicate with their customers through marketing emails, you could be putting your brand and your message straight into the hands of your customers, creating a great opportunity for cross-selling and more. Communication by SMS can also be great for customer services, allowing them to talk to customers in a way that is perceived as more friendly, personal and ‘human’ than email.

Lister Text makes it possible to provide a high degree of message tailoring, allowing you to use various desktop functions to script your texts.

Convenient communication

Its much easier to send messages using your standard keyboard instantly than using a mobile phone keypad.

CRM Integration

Lister Text additionally allows you to fully integrate our desktop to SMS messaging service with your CRM system, allowing you to target your texts according to any category in your CRM system. This potentially allows a far greater degree of customer interaction and can be an incredibly useful marketing tool.

Alpha Tagging

When texting your employees or customers, for a small monthly fee your company’s name (up to a maximum of 11 characters) can be displayed as the sender on the screen.

Use it to advertise

Use your client list as a tool for running a targeted marketing campaign. You know it’s getting direct to the person you want and not getting filed in the bin along with all the other junk mail.

Keep people informed

Schools can keep parents informed of upcoming events. Send out reminders that you can be sure will get there. Don’t just rely on the circular in the child’s bag that might be a paper aeroplane before it’s read.


One-way SMS

The Short Message Service (SMS) is part of the GSM specification and allows messages to be sent to and from mobile devices on GSM mobile networks throughout the world. A single short message can contain up to 160 characters and comprise of words, numbers or an alphanumeric combination.

Two-way SMS

True network independent two-way messaging is available through our systems using the combination of infrastructures used to enable the sending and receiving of SMS.

Our mobile application number is available to clients to allow applications to send SMS from their PC’s to mobiles and for a response from the mobile to be received back at the application simply by the mobile user replying. All the user has to do is configure their return e-mail address in the text messenger client to receive replies back to the desktop.

Premium Rate

Reverse Billing SMS & Premium Rate SMS Text services now available on all U.K. mobile networks. Through the use of Short Codes we enable you to provide premium rate SMS services to your customers.

The applications are unlimited. To take advantage of Reverse Billing you will require a short code. This is either a 4 or 5 digit number to which your users send a text to start the reverse billing process.

You have 2 Short Code Options:-

  • You can use one of our Shared Short Codes, which sees us supplying you with your chosen unique Key Word (subject to availability). These are perfect for short-term use subject to a minimum contract

  • Alternatively we can supply you with your own Dedicated Short Codes subject to a minimum contract. You’re then free to set up as many of your own keywords as required

How does it work?

Lister has a website dedicated for you and your staff use. You can configure any number of users. These users can have their own log ins and contact lists so that they can use the system individually.

Lister can provide text data records on a monthly basis so that you can have a record of messages sent and the originator user.


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