Digital Tools

Alongside our mobile phones and lone worker protection services, we also offer a range of digital peripherals and tools designed to make your mobile workforce more efficient, or provide your organisation with the data you need. Destiny Pens instantly digitise forms and signatures, saving you time and improving your record keeping, creating better integration with a document management or CRM system.

Another digital tool that we can supply is digital form software, which can collect data from electronic mobile forms in seconds and plug it straight back into your CRM system.


You have invested a lot of money on your devices, now protect them!

We only sell manufacturer authorised accessories as they are the only ones recommended for use with your devices. While this might not sound like a big deal, it can help with warranties, repairs and insurance claims if your devices protection complies with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

We also stock signal boosters for Vodafone and O2 that connect to the internet and can boost the networking within a building for registered users.


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