Mobile Workforce

Keeping your mobile workforce active while they’re away from the office is essential to boosting productivity.

Ensuring your remote workers have the  equipment and resources they need get on with their work can transform the way your business works.

Lister Unified Communications can work with you to create a bespoke mobile phone package and devices that meet all your business requirements.

As an independent business mobile phone partner of all the major UK networks your business will benefit from completely unbiased advice on voice and data services along with the widest range of business mobile phone tariffs and handsets available.

We also supply a range of solutions to keep your mobile workforce safe. Lone worker protection, vehicle tracking and two way radio help keep your employees in contact and help keep your business compliant. Additionally we provide data plans for machine to machine devices, allowing you to automate processes and increase efficiency.

Our mobile packages allow you to choose from a range of handsets including the latest offerings from all the major brands. We can also supply tablets and mobile data plans, so that you can connect to the office from wherever you are.

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Mobile Plan Whitepaper

  • Business Mobile Packages

    Looking for a new set of mobile handsets for your business? Need help figuring out what contracts, data plans and add-ons you need? Here's where to find our great value business mobile packages, which can be scaled and tailored to your requirements.

  • Data Plans & M2M

    Data plans are essential to keeping your employees productive when they're away from their desk. Additionally our machine-to-machine data plans can be used in conjunction with almost any device with a SIM card, from vending machines to vehicles.

  • Tracking

    At Lister's, we know that keeping your employees, and your property safe, is a priority for many businesses. We have mobile worker and vehicle tracking solutions to not only solve your compliancy issues, but keep your people safe and your business secure.

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  • Two Way Radio

    Whether you require a multi-channel system and full technical support or Walkie-Talkies for personal communication, you can choose from a range of two way radios ideally suited to your business or event.

  • Mobile For Business

    Find information on all of the latest handsets for business here.

  • Tablet for Business

    Tablets are now available from a variety of manufacturers running a multitude of operating systems and business applications. These small lightweight powerful device come with an intuitive Multi-Touch system which lets you use your fingers to navigate the screen fluidly and naturally, easily accessing and controlling applications and Tablet functions.

  • Digital Tools

    Alongside our mobile phones and lone worker protection services, we also offer a range of digital peripherals and tools designed to make your mobile workforce more efficient, or provide your organisation with the data you need.


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