Business Telematics Solutions

A one-stop solution for businesses running a fleet of vehicles – with up-to-the-minute information available at just the click of a mouse or tap of a mobile device.

RAC Telematics takes Lister technology and adds the expertise of one of the world’s oldest and best-known automotive organisations to form an industry leading product.

From £10 per vehicle per month you can be provided with crucial information that will cut costs and improve safety.

RAC Telematics is one of the most affordable solutions and a package that won the BusinessCar Techies Award in 2017.

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Journey Logging

Log your favourite routes, set-up geo-fencing and log points of interest and receive alerts and notifications on any traffic problems on your favourite routes.

Vehicle Health

Real time reports on each vehicle’s mileage, battery condition and engine fault codes allowing you to spot problems before they take a vehicle off the road.

Collision detection

Industry-leading and patented technology lets you know immediately about any incidents involving your vehicles, with proven 92% accuracy.

Driver behaviour

Driver scoring recognises the good driving styles and habits which minimise risk, increase efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

A small device that will make a big difference

Installing a small box in each vehicle opens up an array of options that allow you to manage your fleet and record vital information.

The MyDrive Bluetooth key fob allows individual identification for each driver, so you will know where they are and how they are driving.

Telematics works through a customisable portal available either on a computer or mobile device and offers a number of interactive features.

Watch the video opposite/below which reports on this new wave of telematics technology and explains how the RAC used it first-hand within their business.

It drives down costs, by:

  • Increasing fuel efficiency

  • Identifying potential problems with vehicles

  • Reducing insurance premiums

  • Reducing maintenance and overall fleet costs

It improves safety, by:

  • Reporting on the health of each vehicle

  • Monitoring of excessive speeding, acceleration and braking to encourage safer driving

  • Encourage driving styles that minimize maintenance costs and increases fuel efficiency

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