Two Way Radio

Whether you require a multi-channel system and full technical support or Walkie-Talkies for personal communication, you can choose from a range of two way radios ideally suited to your business or event. We supply both licensed and unlicensed systems, giving you the flexibility to choose the solution that suits you.

Whatever your business, you can benefit from our Sales, Hire Service, Repairs, Maintenance & Installation support as well as our two way radio communication expertise.

Many organisations around Gloucestershire and the UK depend on our two way radio communication systems and expertise. Instant communications, exchange of critical information and security monitoring are vital tools in many large industries, wireless communications are universally recognised as the most efficient and cost-effective solution to meet these needs and ensure smooth day-to-day administrative and operational procedures.



We only supply high quality two way radios from our partners, Kenwood, Motorola, Hytera and Icom ensuring the radios we provide are perfect for their function.

Different businesses have different two way site radio requirements which is why we offer a broad range of handsets and solutions to ensure that we can meet your business or events needs.

You may have a seasonal business which means more people are moving around the business at certain times of the year. People may be outdoors, indoors or moving around the local area. Instead of using mobile phones to keep in touch with these people, we can provide site radio rental to help you through the seasonal demands. With no capital outlay radio hire can be sensible alternative to taking out contracts on radio’s which you only need to use for a short period each year. There are a wide range of radios to choose from and with a wealth of experience you can be sure our advisers will provide best two way radio’s to suit your business needs.


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