Vehicle CCTV

Vehicle safety systems

Protect your customers, drivers and fleet with Lister Track vehicle CCTV and safety systems.

Since 2001, Lister Unified Communications have been been providing Communications and Fleet management solutions to businesses. Our vision has always been to create Corporate grade products that are affordable to small to medium sized businesses. Lister products and services are designed to protect your investment and give excellent value for money. Lister provides cost-effective vehicle CCTV tracking and monitoring solutions via mobile networks which can be tailored to your situation without the expense of a bespoke system.

  • Driver protection in the event of cash for crash
  • Evidence when there is a lack of witnesses
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Lower fleet maintenance cost
  • Improve Fuel Economy
  • Reduce Vehicle Wear & Tear
  • Lone Worker Protection
  • Faster Claims throughput
  • Keep deliveries on-time
  • Take control of your fleet
  • Complete peace of mind

Our vehicle CCTV solutions are the logical choice for products that encourage safer driving, reduce accident frequency and severity, detect insurance fraud, control claims, mitigate whiplash and PI claims.

  • Protection in the event of cash for crash

  • Detailed Driver Reporting

  • Enhance customer service

  • Keep your vehicles secure

  • Reduced insurance premiums


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