Internet Services

Keeping your business connected is perhaps one of the most important factors facing business owners today. Our fast and reliable internet access options are a great way to improve your connectivity and reduce costs. You can be confident that with the prioritised bandwidth your business will receive consistently high speeds and improved efficiency.

Flexible and scalable: With various options you have the flexibility to choose the package that suits the unique needs of your business and for simplicity you can combine our Business Broadband with our line rental and landline call packages along with a host of other services.

What’s more our Business Fibre service is the perfect solution if you regularly transfer large amounts of data, use VoIP Cloud telephony, Video conferencing services or access Hosted Cloud applications.

Better connectivity for your business

  1. 1
    Fibre Broadband

    Super-fast fibre broadband with speeds up to 80Mbs is being rolled out across the UK, please check with us to see if it available for you.

    • Flexible Download allowances including option for Unlimited downloads
    • VoIP compatible
    • Fixed IP address
    • Range of Wireless routers
  2. 2
    ADSL Broadband

    Our high quality Business Broadband circuits provide affordable internet access and operate at download speeds of up to 24Mbs, depending on your telephone line and location.

    • Up to 24Mbs download & 1.3Mbs upload
    • VoIP compatible
    • Wireless router
    • Fixed IP address
    • Self-install
    • Free transfer to Lister
  3. 3
    4G Broadband

    The fastest mobile network can be used to drive your business, and has a number of advantages over traditional broadband.

    • No infrastructure required
    • Can be used even if you don’t have a landline
    • A great option for broadband back-up
  4. 4
    Private Ethernet

    Private Ethernet circuits are high speed, uncontended, full duplex, symmetrical connections that deliver guaranteed uptime, as well as performance service level agreements. Fibre Ethernet is simply the best quality and most reliable Internet and site to site connectivity option available in the UK today. Ethernet circuits can be used as direct connections to the internet or for linking your UK sites.

    • Uncontended 1:1 bandwidth
    • Available in sizes from 10Mbs to 10Gbs
    • Scalable – circuits can be ‘throttled’ up and down as required
    • Available as Direct Internet Access (DIA) or Site to Site connectivity
    • Service Level Agreement – 4 hour fix
    • Managed hardware available
    • Free installation with 3 year contract
  5. 5

    Enterprise MPLS is an IP-VPN wide area network (WAN) service that has been designed for companies that need single point-to-point connections or managed multi-site solutions from 8Mb broadband, to speeds in excess of 1Gbps. You can have managed MPLS networks with varying speeds at different sites with full SLAs.

    Our range of connectivity services incorporates Fibre & ADSL broadband services and Ethernet circuits, with a choice of bandwidth from 2Mb to 1GB to provide remote offices and individual users with secure access to the network.

    • Multi-connectivity options, DSL, Fibre Broadband, Ethernet & 3G
    • Proactive monitoring and management 24/7×365
    • Maximum security for confidential data


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