Structured Cabling

Installing new cabling can be a daunting prospect, but as an investment, it can make your business faster, more efficient, and solve a host of problems with your communications and IT.

Our highly trained team of engineers can install your network cabling infrastructures to carry voice and data information throughout your workplace. The cabling infrastructure is capable of carrying up to and above Gigabit network traffic, enabling high speed data transfers as well as VoIP and video conferencing.

At Lister Unified Communications, our experience allows us to find the perfect balance of price and performance. We can help you identify the appropriate speed for your business, and won’t sell you anything you don’t need. By talking through the available options, your business’s requirements and your future options for upgrading or expanding, we ensure you get the connection that’s right for you.

  • CAT 5e

  • CAT 6

  • Fibre Optic


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