Panasonic Systems

In December 2020, Panasonic announced it was leaving the global Phone System, SIP and Document Scanning markets after a strategic review following the rise of cloud-based systems which was accelerated by Covid-19 with the use of products such as Collaborate, Teams and Zoom.

The proposed timetable is as follows:

  • Panasonic has confirmed the manufacture and supply of product and licences will continue as normal until December 2022.
  • Panasonic will continue to support technical escalations in software until December 2024.
  • Panasonic will ensure a level of market capacity to ensure spare parts and additional new licences until December 2029.

During this slow withdrawal from the market, Lister Unified Communications is committed to supplying, maintaining and supporting existing Panasonic customers. We will also maintain Panasonic stock, specific skills and knowledge within engineering, sales and support teams.

In summary:

  • There is no rush to replace existing systems based on these timescales.
  • Investment in Panasonic is still appropriate with options to add and to expand while fully supported.
  • When the time is right for to replace Panasonic systems, Lister Unified Communications will work with you to transition your telecoms to a SIP or cloud solution that is right for you.
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