Take control of your communications & IT costs with one trusted provider


Take control of your communications & IT costs with one trusted provider

Educational facilities like yours are now adopting unified communications (UC) to reap the technology benefits, which include cost savings as well as increased student and staff productivity.

At Lister Unified Communications we offer a wide range of on-site telephone systems, cloud-based hosted IP telephony solutions, VoIP, SIP, superfast broadband packages, IT support and a complete range of mobile phone and mobile data services with the latest technology.

The main benefits of Lister Unified Communications include:

Reduced costs – schools can save money by eliminating per-extension licensing fees, reducing hardware maintenance and cutting down on external telephony consultant expenses.

Scheduling – teachers can upload their teaching schedules in Outlook. Their telephone presence status will automatically indicate to callers whether they are free, in class or on a break.

Integrated voicemail – one of the biggest challenges for teachers is finding time to listen and respond to messages from parents, colleagues or pupils. By integrating voicemail to the email system, a staff member can access their voicemails from smart devices, handsets or PCs.

Remote dial-in – head teachers or IT teams no longer need to drive into school on closure days to amend the auto-attendant message as this can all be safely managed remotely.

Homework hotlines – using hot desking and mobility technology, you can allow members of staff to set up and manage hotlines to assist pupils with homework or exam preparations.

If you would like any more information on how we can help your school call us on: 01453 829 200 or download our brochure