Call Recording & Logging

Call Recording

Voice Call Recording is fast becoming the new essential communication tool for any company who takes its customer service & sales processes seriously. Voice Recording helps reduce liability and error costs. It increases your customer lifetime value. It improves all aspects of security & helps detect fraud, as well as increasing all aspects of your sales efficiency.

Award winning recordX is a comprehensive extension and line side call recording solution packed with innovative features to search, record, play and archive telephone calls. Leading edge web technologies ensure that recordX is the most powerful yet easiest to use solution available today.
Whether you need to capture and retrieve recordings for regulatory compliance, or for business improvement through higher levels of customer satisfaction, recordX meets all your needs. It works with all technologies – ISDN, SIP and VoIP – in whatever combination you have chosen.

A brief example of the benefits of call recording

A supply company that provides parts for the motor vehicle industry recently had call recording installed in their head office. The MD could not believe how much money the system ended up saving him as soon as it was installed. Basically what was happening was that the company was receiving hundreds of calls a month from the people who they supplied the parts to for resale, claiming that they had supplied the wrong parts. These parts weren’t always expensive but because they had no way of proving what had been ordered over the phone the company ended up sending out hundred of replacement parts every month for no charge.

These replacement parts mounted up to thousands of pounds a month. After they had the call recording solution installed, whenever a call came in claiming that the wrong parts had been sent, the person who took the call simply brought up the conversation when the parts had been ordered on their computer, double checked the original order, and if the order had been placed correctly, they simply emailed the call over to the client as proof. Since all of the recorded calls are highly encrypted & admissible in court as evidence, the supply company managed to save thousands of pounds a month & the system paid for itself in no time.


Call Logging

Call logging (also known as call monitoring) is the practice of listening to, recording and assessing interactions between businesses and callers. These practice is used for staff training and development, customer quality control and liability protection.

Lister advanced Call Logging (powered by Oak) shows you how efficiently and effectively you are dealing with your customers and gives you the instant information you need to drive constant improvement  It’s reporting capabilities are unrivaled: and are so comprehensive, flexible and easy to use that you will soon see measurable results throughout your business.

Immediate costs savings of up to 15% on calls can be realised as well as the associated savings in staff time on those calls. As a result call logging can pay for itself within three months.

Who would benefit from Call Recording?

  • Any company that deals with sensitive information over the telephone

  • Any company that takes orders over the telephone

  • Any company that provides legal, financial or medical advice over the telephone

  • Any company that offers any form of consultancy over the telephone

  • Any company that provides legal, financial or medical advice over the telephone

  • Any company that has a customer service team


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