Call Plans

Call costs too high? Are you receiving the most competitive call charges and line rental rates?

With typically 25 – 35% savings on your current bill if it hasn’t been reviewed in the last 12 months, what have you got to lose? At Lister Unified Communications, we’ll even perform a free communications review, looking at your call plans, line rental and more to maximise your savings.

About our service

  • There is no change to the way you make or receive calls

  • You won't have to dial any special codes

  • Setting up is easy, requiring no change to your current phone system

  • There is no cost to you to set this service up

Free Communications Review

Talk to us to find out how much your potential saving could be. Don’t feel like ringing up? Email us a copy of your latest bill for analysis. We’ll perform a free communications review and we’ll let you know how much you could save! Lower your call costs, without any disruption to your business, or any change to the way you use your phones!


There are numerous benefits, including:

  • Cost savings

  • Customer service from ‘real people’

  • Business level billing including online billing information

  • Improved stability of calls, as calls are only routed over high quality, ‘tier 1′ networks

  • There is no disruption to your service during changeover


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