Professional On-Hold Audio

We work with a specialist personalised professional on-hold audio supplier to provide customised hold music and messages for our clients based on their specifications. For an all inclusive, one off payment you receive a bespoke message and your choice of music with no royalty fees or hidden contracts.

Putting customers or clients on hold is an incredibly useful tool, but is often better described as a necessary evil. At some point or another everyone has endured being on-hold longer than expected. At best it’s boring, at worst infuriating. While some companies have dated, repetitive on-hold music, some don’t even have that, with beeps, rings or even silence accompanying your time on-hold.

Having clear, reassuring hold music, messages or both, can help your customer service team and provide a far more professional interface for clients, potential customers, suppliers and anyone else calling your company.

We can provide personalised professional on-hold audio to your specifications or give you control over the process, even letting you choose your own voice actor for prerecorded messages. A script wizard helps you construct your own messages, or businesses can write their own messages from scratch. There are no subscriptions to keep using your message, for a single payment, your message is yours, with no limits on the extent of it’s use within your business and no royalties.

This incredibly flexible service allows you to script your own message, select your own voice actor, choose your own hold music from a huge library of royalty-paid audio.


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