Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Take control of your fleet and save money with Lister Track Mobile Tracking & Monitoring Solutions.

Since 2001, Lister Unified Communications have been providing Communications and Tracking solutions to businesses. Our vision has always been to create Corporate grade products that are affordable to small to medium sized businesses. Lister products and services are designed to protect your investment and give excellent value for money. Lister track provides cost-effective GPS tracking and monitoring solutions via mobile networks which can be tailored to your situation without the expense of a bespoke system.

  • Accurate journey histories
  • Monitor excess speeding
  • Boost workforce productivity
  • Record out-of-hours use
  • Mobile workforce visibility
  • Control overtime
  • Reduce your carbon foot print
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Keep deliveries on-time
  • Take control of your fleet
  • Complete peace of mind

Our vehicle tracking provides real-time vehicle tracking that can be accessed via browser from any pc, laptop or mobile device. We can also implement daily tracking logs which can help with customer service and compliance.

  • Improve driver behaviour and performance

  • Save on fuel expenses

  • Enhance customer service

  • Keep your vehicles secure

  • Real time alerts



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