VoIP telephone systems offers a feature-rich affordable and scalable telephone service for all your business communications needs. Hosted in the cloud, the need for complex on-site equipment is removed and your telephone system becomes hassle-free and easy to manage with great call quality and scalability.

VoIP telephony uses your broadband internet connection to make and receive calls instead of traditional analogue and digital telephone lines.

The telephone calls go out via our Hosted Unified Communications platform to offer you all the features and benefits of an on-site enterprise telephone system and to intelligently route calls either across your network ‘free-of-charge’ or break out onto the public telephone networks.

Key benefits of our VoIP Telephony service

  • Rental Model based on pay-per-user… low initial investment
  • Flexibility – scalable on demand
  • Feature-rich Voice services… as you are part of an enterprise phone system
  • Unified Communications across office, mobile and remote-working
  • Ideal for linking multi-site operations & home-workers into one network
  • Free ‘site-to-site’ calls
  • Choose UK Telephone numbers with any Area Codes
  • Port existing Area Codes to platform if relocating out-of-area
  • No on-site hardware to maintain
  • Web Portal access for self-administration and/or Remote Help Desk Support
  • Flexibility to Increase bandwidth as requirements grow at each site
  • Range of User Licenses with feature-sets appropriate to user (PAYG, Big Bundle Plan, All in Plan)
  • Range of User Add-ons including Outlook Toolbar, Reception Console, CRM Connect, Call Recording
  • Range of Site Applications to enhance service including Hunt Group, Auto Attendant, Call Centre with Real-time Wall Board
  • Remote workers can connect via Smartphone, iPad or Laptop wherever there is wireless access


Slow internet – a barrier to VoIP?

Poor internet, whether it’s slow or plagued by regular drops in service or other problems, can be a barrier to VoIP. Without a good internet connection, a VoIP solution will give more issues than it gives benefits. However, just because your business has poor internet, it doesn’t mean you can’t use VoIP. You just need to sort out your internet connection first.

There are many things that can be done to remedy a poor internet connection. Private ethernet lines, satellite broadband, superfast fibreoptic cabling or even just switching your broadband provider can make a huge difference to your businesses internet speeds. Many businesses assume that if they have slow internet, there’s little that can be done. However, there is a wealth of options available to the business that demands faster internet.

Looking at a VoIP system at the same time as your broadband makes sense as there are often savings that can be made by packaging them up together. Engineers will be able to install everything in fewer visits, reducing installation costs.

Free On-Site VoIP consultation

VoIP isn’t right for everyone. A key requirement for VoIP is a fast, stable internet connection. At Listers we carry out thorough assessments and speed tests to ensure that VoIP is right for your business. If your internet won’t allow VoIP, we can offer a number of solutions to improve your businesses connectivity, or look at enhanced traditional telecommunications systems, which have the functionality you require without needing superfast internet.



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