Avaya IP Office

  • Capacity from 2 to 3000 extensions.
  • Network up to 150 locations.
  • Go from basic telephony to the most sophisticated telephone systems;
    • IP Office Essential Edition
    • IP Office Preferred Edition
    • IP Office Server Edition
  • Use IP, digital, analog, or SIP—in any combination.
  • Full suite of Unified Communications applications available including;
    • Contact Centre
    • Video & Audio Conferencing
    • CRM Integration
    • Call Recording
  • Launch easy communications for everyone: office workers, mobile workers, receptionists, teleworkers, and customer service agents and supervisors.
  • Scale cost-effectively as your business grows. Simply build on what you have, without the need to replace technology.
  • Combine IP Office with Avaya data networking, security features, intuitive system management tools, and affordable services support for a comprehensive communications solution.

  • Create your most productive workforce

    Easily and cost-effectively increase communications capacity, adding enhanced capabilities as your business expands. Gain business and customer service efficiencies. Avaya IP Office is easily customized to meet the communications needs of any small, midsize, enterprise branch, and growing business. Flexibility, scalability, and options are built right in.

  • Lower total cost of ownership

    When you compare Avaya IP Office to a competitive solution, IP Office offers nearly 25% lower Total Cost of Ownership. Along with those savings, Avaya IP Office desk phones are energy-saving with up to 60% more efficiency. An additional savings that IP Office will provide you is built-in conference calling abilities to reduce or eliminate conference calling fees with the built-in secure conferencing bridge.

  • Enhanced productivity

    Unified Communications is more than just juggling a mobile phone and an office phone. Unified Communications with Avaya IP Office allows you to take advantage of all of our built-in calling features including capabilities like instant messaging, video chat, test-to-speech email reading and many more.

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  • Scalability

    A system that will grow with your business. Avaya IP Office can support up to 3,000 users across 150 different sites. Not only is the system scalable from a user base perspective, IP Office users can choose from over 170 different third-party software applications that enhance your systems capabilities. These two options combined make IP Office one of the most powerful solutions for any small to mid-sized business.

  • Simplified system management

    Avaya IP Office systems are among the easiest to manage. Drag and drop system management tools allow users to activate the features they need with automated applications not only for the office, but also for your mobile and teleworkers.

  • The flexible solution

    Avaya IP Office has IP in the name. IP meaning Internet Protocol, the method by which information is sent to the devices over an internet connection. Yes, IP Office can operate as a pure, all-IP solution; but it can also run as an all-digital solution or anything in between. This means that your future Avaya IP Office system can inter-operate with over two million Avaya systems worldwide all while using the backbone of your existing network infrastructure.

    With the Ayaya IP Office phone system, your business will have the ultimate investment protection, allowing for a mix of analogue, digital and IP lines and extensions and the opportunity to upgrade as your business develops.

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