Horizon Cloud Telephony

The ultimate in flexible working - Any device, anywhere.

Horizon Cloud Telephony

Unify your communications with Horizon

Welcome to our VoIP for business phone system that brings you unparalleled flexibility to communicate from anywhere and from any device….Desk-phone, Softphone, Mobile App. Starting with the Gamma Horizon Cloud Telephony service and bundled minutes and enhancing with Horizon's award-winning range of UC products from instant messaging, video calling to instant conference services, you will reduce costs and operational complexity while driving up employee engagement.


Bring your company and your customers closer together with a Horizon Unified Communications solution. Add Collaborate to give you: video-call, instant messaging, conferencing, presence, voice, desktop application sharing and document sharing. Available on Windows, MAC, Android and iOS, it enables you to communicate and collaborate from your favourite devices - wherever you are.

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Call Recording

Record inbound or outbound calls for compliance, customer service or audit purposes. This optional feature allows secure online storage and access of calls. Unlimited cloud storage options from 3 months to 7 years on a per-user basis. You can set Horizon to record some calls, all calls or record calls on demand.

Real-time Monitoring and Analytics

Comprehensive call and contact analytics solutions. This cloud-based reporting software offers unprecedented insight into how your contact processes are working and how you can optimise them for a game-changing, ultra-responsive customer experience. With various service levels, from historic call logging to advanced real-time contact centre services, there are options to suit businesses of all sizes. Monitor Real-time data, see what happens to calls from beginning to end, understand your business like never before.

Horizon for Microsoft Teams

A business-grade cloud phone-system for Microsoft users. Businesses looking to enable voice within your Microsoft Teams can now use Horizon for Microsoft Teams to make and receive calls globally, and benefit from a feature-rich, cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans. Take advantage of your existing Microsoft infrastructure with Horizon to support complex business voice requirements, all provisioned within a simple application.

CRM Integration

Unleash even more of Horizon’s capabilities across your desktop with Horizon Integrator. Users can be even more efficient and productive with quick access to contacts and the ability to dial directly from your CRM system through to your Horizon cloud phone system. Features include: Call Preview, Click-to-Dial, Desktop Control.  Interaction with Microsoft Outlook and compatible with over 20 of the top CRM packages including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

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