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Sitting at your workplaces whether at the office, at home or on the move, it’s taken for granted that all your technology will just work and as a business it is essential it does.

At Lister Unified Communications, we fully understand that great connectivity underpins all of your activities. Starting with high-speed internet to connect to the outside world for your data, apps and voice services, to delivering them across your organisation’s managed Local and Wide-Area Networks, to accessing via Wi-fi or structured cabling to your desk.  In addition, the advance of IP has moved more and more services onto the network such as Security Cameras, Door Access, Environmental Monitoring and that’s before we mention the explosive growth of video-conferencing.

Whether it is Fibre Ethernet or FTTP or SoGea Broadband you need, thoughtful design, implementation and support of your LAN, WAN and Wi-Fi, or Structured Cabling (Cat 5/6 and Fibre Optic) into the fabric of your building, our highly skilled and experienced engineering team can deliver this for you.

With the ’Big Switch-Off’ coming of 2025 of Analogue & ISDN lines and their associated services, not only will you need to upgrade your broadband to FTTP and SOGEA but will need to upgrade your phone lines to VoIP.  If you wish to keep an on-site phone system our SIP Trunking is the answer, for small-offices (1-3 user) and residential lines our PhoneLine+ service is the answer and for most businesses our Horizon Cloud Telephony service (see Telecom Solutions) is the answer.

Also ask us about Ubiquiti IP CCTV for the best in IP-Security systems that you can access anytime anywhere.

Internet services, Gloucestershire
  • IT solutions, BristolHigh Speed Internet
    Enjoy faster connectivity with our range of great value, high speed business broadband and connectivity solutions designed to meet your specific usage and business needs.
  • Tablet solutions, StroudLAN, WAN and Wi-Fi
    Rock-solid managed networks to keep your business connected, from hard cabled computers to Wi-Fi for portable devices. Ideal when using our high-speed internet access service too.
  • IT solutions, BristolStructured Cabling
    A good quality structured cabling system is vital to your day-to-day operations as it provides the platform for all your networked technologies.
  • Business phones, StroudPhoneLine+
    As of 2025, the traditional UK PSTN lines will be shut off completely as part of a major step towards the UK’s mass IP-network migration, with VoIP networks set to replace all the legacy PSTN services.
  • Business phones, StroudSIP Trunking
    SIP Trunking is now our standard replacement for traditional phone lines that you need to connect to your phone system.
  • Phone cloud solutions, StroudUbiquiti IP CCTV
    Keep an eye on your business premises anytime, anywhere with a Security IP Camera, granting you real time images over the internet enabling you to monitor your business 24/7.

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