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Multi-Network Voice SIM

We’ve got you covered - Mobile networks without boundaries

Multi Net Voice SIM

One Roaming SIM for all the networks, ensures you remain connected at all times.

No single network has flawless coverage or service, so why not take this issue out of the equation with our latest Multi-Network Voice SIM card.

What is a Multi Net Voice SIM?

It’s exactly as it sounds. It’s a SIM card that operates on more than one network. It has the ability to connect and roam on all four mobile networks. This ensures you remain connected at all times

So, provided there’s coverage from at least one available mobile network, with Multi-Network Voice SIM you can always make and receive calls, send texts and access data.

Simply put, with a full roaming all-network Voice SIM card, coverage can never be beaten. If there is a signal from ANY network, then you will have signal.

Multi Network Voice Sim UK
Multi-Network Voice SIM

Why Multi-Sim for Voice, Text and Data for your business ?

  • Be always contactable – Work anywhere
  • On-the-go working in remote areas without the restrictions of single network 'not- spots'.
  • Additional support  for Lone-workers
  • Health and Safety cover
  • More time working and less time listening to voicemail when you return to areas with your single coverage.
  • Option for Dual SIM– Best of both worlds – use your existing Network as the primary and this as back up for when required.

Key Features

  • Un-steered SIMs search for the strongest network

    Your devices will search for the strongest signal with the highest capacity, giving you the best connectivity possible — no matter where you are.
  • Best Connection

    Our Multi-Net SIMs automatically adapt to their location — so you can say goodbye to hours of planning for multi-site or on-the-move deployments.
  • Capping and Limit Alerts

    Lister will contact you when a SIM reaches certain limits.
  • Dual Sim

    If your handset is one of the many that can use 2 SIM cards, you can use a Multi Voice SIM as a backup to your single network SIM.
  • End-to-End Support

    Lister will create a bespoke SIM package for you and follow-up with support at every stage.
  • One Bill – Flexible terms

    Lister offers bespoke tariffs for as short or long as you need, for any amount of data, regardless of how many times the SIM switches network, you receive just one bill.
Multi Nework SIM

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