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As of 2025, the traditional UK PSTN lines will be shut off completely as part of a major step towards the UK’s mass IP-network migration, with VoIP networks set to replace all the legacy PSTN services.

PhoneLine+ has been specifically designed to replace your traditional landline service using VoIP technology to deliver voice calls over the broadband network, all at a highly competitive price.

This is ideal for small-businesses with typically 1-3 users, home-workers and domestic lines.

PhoneLine+ can be accessed ‘anytime, anywhere’ on a choice of devices including computers, tablets, smartphones and IP handsets.

Includes voicemail, call divert, call hold and transfer, out-of-hours profiles, call analytics.

Reasons to choose PhoneLine+

  • Devices

    PhoneLine+ can be accessed by your choice of devices including computer, laptop, IP phone, tablet, traditional handset and mobile phone. These devices can be managed from within your PhoneLine+ account where you can choose whether every device should receive calls and therefore simultaneously ring for an incoming call.
  • Snooze

    You can instantly set your status to Unavailable for a short period which is ideal if called away by a customer. This snooze period is returned to Available with one click.
  • Notifications

    If you are out of the office you can choose to receive email notifications of all missed calls or voicemails, so you never keep your customers waiting unnecessarily.
  • Administrator Control

    As the administrator of your PhoneLine+ account, it is possible to add, remove and manage the other PhoneLine+ users. You can add or remove new numbers and any existing numbers that you own. You can also set your privacy settings which could include any numbers from which you want to block incoming calls.
  • Simple Provisioning

    Provisioning and management of your account is via an online portal so your service provider can make changes and updates as required.
  • Set your status

    You can set your status using either a Custom status or one of the status presets including Lunch, In a meeting and Wrap Up. This is useful for short periods up to 24 hours.
Monthly charges from*
Rental pcm (ex VAT)
1 month
12 months
36 months
Minimum Term
Packages include:

Unlimited calls to UK Landlines - 01,02,03
Unlimited calls to UK Mobiles - 07
Unlimited calls to International destinations: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, USA

*Subject to fair usage policy. Terms and conditions apply.

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With the Big Switch Off coming in 2025, please contact us if you are still using Analogue or ISDN phone lines and /or have FTTC or ADSL Broadband about upgrading now.

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