Business Mobile Packages

Lister Business Mobile Packages combine the strengths of our partner networks, Vodafone, O2 and EE, with the trust and stability of Lister Unified Communications account management, customer service and billing systems.

Multiple Networks: One Bill Solution.

This, beyond simplifying the billing process considerably, also allows us to work outside of the normal tariffs and plans, meaning we can put together completely bespoke business mobile packages, so that you only pay for exactly what you need. It also means when you have issues with your billing or want to make any changes to your package, you don’t have to sit on-hold with the big networks customer services lines, you can come straight to us and your account manager can discuss your bill with you and upgrade or dial back your package as required.

If you are looking for a truly unique and flexible mobile phone strategy designed for your business then talk to us today to arrange a review of your current business mobile communications infrastructure.

  • Fixed-to-mobile convergence and true pay-per-use solutions
  • Business class mobile network provided by our network partners, Vodafone, O2 and EE
  • Competitive tariffs and hardware funds available
  • A one bill solution for your landline and business mobile services with big savings
  • All major manufacturer equipment available
  • Supported through a single point of contact

So if you want to get better service, save money but do not want to compromise on coverage or quality our independence means you have come to the right place.

Click here to view advice and guidance for finding the best device for your business needs.


Why we are different…

  • Reduce your monthly bills

    …by selecting a business mobile tariff structure specific for your business and with huge fixed-to-mobile savings.

  • Real flexibility with tariffs designed specifically for your business.

    You can be confident that the solution we provide is tailored to your businesses needs.

  • Contributions towards the latest mobile devices

    …or, where you provide your own equipment, even lower monthly costs.

  • True convergence

    …combine your fixed and mobile estates with us and make big savings when calling your own mobile fleet.

  • A single supplier for your telephony needs

    …with experienced support in dealing with all types of mobile devices and operating systems.

  • Ensure your old phone doesn’t clutter up your office

    …by using our charity recycling service.



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