What Lister Unified Communications looks for:

You have: A results-oriented track record. Strong leadership experience. A passion for business—and for life. These are the qualities that Lister Unified Communications look for in an ideal candidate.

Do you have what it takes to succeed as part of the Lister Unified Communications team?

Problem solving: The Telecommunications services that we provide are all about helping clients overcome problems to various business challenges. We look for candidates with the ability to frame complex problems, apply creative analytics and formulate a pragmatic solution.

Results: Lister Unified Communications has a proud history of generating results that have a positive, measurable impact on their client’s telecoms infrastructure. No matter what your background, we want to see that you have made a quantifiable difference to an organisation’s success.

Leadership: Do you have proven leadership experience? Whether through work, school or extracurricular activities.

Passion: We look for candidates who show an enthusiasm for solving client problems and delivering meaningful results, who focus on succeeding as individuals and as part of a team. Passionate people bring an energy to both client engagements and Lister Unified Communications, this helps both groups achieve extraordinary outcomes.

If you possess these qualities, consider a career at Lister Unified Communications and make a difference.

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