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Multi Net & Tablets Drive Digital Success

Client Overview: Dundas Transport is a leading logistics company with a nationwide presence, specialising in the transportation of goods across various industries. With a fleet of vehicles and a team of dedicated drivers, Dundas Transport prides itself on delivering reliable and efficient services to its clients.

Challenge: Dundas Transport wanted a new partner to help overcome the challenges in optimizing communication and data management across its fleet of vehicles. The existing communication infrastructure was outdated, leading to delays in information relay, increased operational costs, and difficulties in monitoring and managing the fleet in real-time.

Solution: Dundas Transport partnered with Lister Unified Communications to implement a comprehensive solution to address their communication and data management challenges. The solution included the deployment of tablets in each vehicle, powered by the SOTI Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, and the use of multi network data SIMs for seamless connectivity.
The tablets would serve as multifunctional devices, providing drivers with real-time navigation, communication tools, and access to the company's logistics software. The solution was based around ensuring centralised management and security.

How Lister Powers Dundas Transport’s Managed Tablet Solution

Dundas Transport director Stephen Bogie commented: “We are a local business based in Dumfries, Scotland. We had previously been with the same mobile phone supplier for years. However, since the takeover of their business we felt that the service had deteriorated, and they were no longer a local company supporting the needs of local businesses. It was clear that moving forward we needed to look for another partner to support the needs of our businesses.

"I was aware that we had used Lister to support the rollout of a collection software and decided to ask my team to speak to Lister with a view of them taking over the phone and tablet requirements for all of our companies. When they came back to us with the proposal it was an easy decision for me to make. 

"Previously one company was billed, and we would have to cross charge internally. Lister were able to setup an individual account, which has reduced the amount of time my staff spend on managing payments. Lister were even able to provide different networks on the same invoice, something that we previously could not do.

"I am glad that we made the move to Lister, they have a good understanding of our requirements and feel this could be the last time we switch suppliers.”

Lister Unified Communications’ Contribution:

Tablet Implementation: Lister Unified Communications recommended the deployment of tablets within each vehicle to enhance communication and data accessibility for drivers and the management team. The tablets were equipped with custom applications to facilitate real-time tracking, communication, and document management.

SOTI MDM Integration: Lister Unified Communications integrated the SOTI MDM solution to ensure centralised management of the deployed tablets. SOTI MDM allowed Dundas Transport to remotely monitor, update, and secure each tablet, ensuring a consistent and secure user experience across the fleet.

Multi Network Data SIMs: Lister Unified Communications facilitated the implementation of multi network data SIMs to ensure continuous connectivity across various geographical locations. This approach minimised downtime and enhanced operational efficiency by providing a reliable network connection for real-time data transmission.

Managed Services: All of the above was covered in a full service wrap which facilitated ease of deployment for the customer. The tablets were shipped to the customer pre-configured, SIM inserted, already in tough cases, charged and individually labelled per user. This allowed them to be issued directly to the end users upon arrival, ready to use with no set up required.

Benefits Realised:

Real-time Monitoring and Communication: Dundas Transport achieved quicker response times to unforeseen events and enhanced overall operational efficiency.

Cost Reduction: The implementation of SOTI MDM and multi network data SIMs led to a reduction in operational costs by streamlining communication processes and minimising downtime.

Enhanced Security: SOTI MDM ensured the security of sensitive data on the tablets, protecting Dundas Transport from potential cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Improved Driver Experience: Drivers experienced improved communication tools and access to critical information, contributing to their job satisfaction and overall performance.


By partnering with Lister Unified Communications and leveraging SOTI MDM alongside multi network data SIMs, Dundas Transport successfully transformed its mobile communication and data management infrastructure. The implementation resulted in increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced overall productivity, positioning Dundas Transport as a technology-forward and competitive player in the logistics industry.

Tom Blumsom, IoT Specialist at Lister, said: "Working with Dundas Transport was made easy by their professional approach and clear vision of what they required. Lister undertook a comprehensive review of their needs and implemented the most appropriate IoT and managed services solution to allow them to achieve their objectives.

"Lister thrives on exceeding expectations and delivering successful outcomes. By utilising our experience within Connectivity, managed services, IoT, Telecommunications, Cyber Security and IT Services, Lister are ideally positioned to help businesses implement technological solutions to enhance operational efficiency and deliver cost savings."

Mark Clow, transport manager, commented: “We initially approached Lister as we had a requirement to roll out a software package to all our drivers and having discussed our requirements with them Lister provided us with tablets and multi-network sims."

"The reason for choosing multi network sims was so that our drivers would always have a connection to our server. Throughout the rollout of the project Lister kept us informed of the progress and offered advice on how best to manage the tablets. From the advice offered by Lister we decided to install SOTI software to the tablets, which enables us to access all the tablets remotely, which means there is no requirement to bring tablets back to the main hub to make changes.  

"Since then, we have decided to move our entire mobile phone and tablet requirements to Lister along with all the tablets and phones from our sister companies. They have kept us informed of the progress of our changeover and gave us some great advice on what we needed to do to cancel our current contract. 

"Our previous contract was with a local company. However, the service severely dropped. Although geographically Lister are not very local to us, it's as if they are just at the end of the road.

"I would recommend any business that is wanting to change from their current supplier or indeed a business that is just starting up to put their trust in Lister to deliver all their phone and tablet requirements. You will not be disappointed with the service that they provide. Thanks again to all the team at Lister.”

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