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IT support and Cloud Telephony help leading Estate Agent stay connected

Client Profile: CGT Lettings is a leading real estate and property management firm, known for its extensive portfolio and customer-centric approach. They cover the whole of Gloucestershire and beyond and are considered by many “the Best Letting Agency in Gloucestershire”.

With multiple offices, their need for a seamless, integrated communications and IT infrastructure is paramount to their success and operational efficiency.

Challenge: CGT Lettings faced challenges in maintaining cohesive communication and data management across their various locations. Their existing systems were disjointed, leading to inefficiencies, unnecessary costs and hindered collaboration. The need for a unified system that could integrate connectivity, phone systems, IT support, Office 365, and mobile solutions was clear.

“…exceptional service and support is the cornerstone of our business”

Managed Solution Provided by Lister Unified Communications:

Lister Unified Communications stepped in to provide a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of CGT Lettings:

Ethernet Solutions: Implemented high-speed, reliable Ethernet connections across and fibre services CGT sites, ensuring robust and consistent internet connectivity critical for their operations.

Gamma Horizon Phone System: Installed the Gamma Horizon system, a cloud-based telephony solution offering flexibility, scalability, and enhanced features like voicemail-to-email, ensuring seamlesscommunication within and across sites. Ideal for both office and remote working.

IT Support: Provided ongoing IT support, ensuring that CGT’s systems are always up and running efficiently, with minimal downtime andrapid response for any issues.

Office 365Integration: Deployed Office 365 across the organization, facilitating improved collaboration, filesharing, and communication, vital for a multisite operation.

Mobile Phones: Supplying business-grade phones on different UK networks but all on one bill.

Tablets with Multi Network SIMs: enabling them to stay connected and productive, regardless of their location.

“Working with Supplier Lister Unified Communications has been agame-changer”


The implementation of these solutions by Lister Unified Communications resulted in transformative changes for CGT Lettings:

Enhanced Communication: The unified phone system allowed for seamless internal and external communications, improving client interactions and internal collaboration.

Increased Productivity: With reliable IT support and the integration of Office 365, CGT Lettings experienced a noticeable increase in productivity and efficiency.

Mobility and Flexibility: The provision of mobile phones and tablets enabled staff to work effectively from any location, crucial for the dynamic real estate sector.

Data Security and Reliability: Improved Ethernet connections ensured secure and stable internet access, essential for safeguarding sensitive client data.

Cost Efficiency: Streamlining their communications and IT infrastructure led to reduced operational costs and increased return on investment.

Quote - Nick Devonport – Managing Director

 "Working with Supplier Lister Unified Communications has been a game-changer for our business. Their seamless connectivity, first class support, and comprehensive IT services havesignificantly improved our operations. I am extremely satisfied and grateful for their exceptional service!"


CGT Lettings’ partnership with Lister Unified Communications significantly enhanced their operational capabilities. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and tailored solutions, CGT not only improved their day-to-day operations but also positioned themselves as a technologically advanced player in the real estate market. This case study exemplifies how a managed integrated communication and professional IT service can drive efficiency, productivity, and growth in a multi-site business environment.

Quote – Tom Blumsom – IoT Specialist

"Providing IT services, high-speed connectivity, and hosted phone systems isn't just about delivering cutting-edge technology; it's about ensuring reliability and trust. Our commitment to exceptional service and support is the cornerstone of our business. We understand that in the fast-paced digital world, a minor glitch can lead to significant setbacks. That's why we prioritize professional support and proactive maintenance, ensuring our clients' operations run smoothly and efficiently. By focusing on service and support, we not only solve technical issues but also build enduring relationships based on confidence and peace of mind.

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