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IT Services, Mobiles & Cloud Telephony keep 150 Vets on call

HallMark delivers rapid and cost effective solutions for veterinary, food and farming compliance needs nationwide, in both regulatory and commercial environments for a wide range of issues covering: Official Controls; Animal Health; Food sampling design and collection; On Farm Inspection; Independent Vets Service.

They operate across the UK and internationally, from their Gloucestershire HQ, with a workforce comprised of highly skilled vets and technicians, deployed across a range of compliance services.


HallMark started fourteen years ago, supplying vets for the meat hygiene service (now the FSA), which they still do. However, their workforce has grown from six people in 2002, to in excess of 150 in 2016, with work that encompasses a range of food and farming regulatory compliance needs, in abattoirs, on farms and in food sampling. In this time, they have successfully delivered in excess of 40 major public projects, working from their Head Office and remotely at client sites.


Having worked with HallMark for nearly 10 years, Lister Unified Communications has supported them as they have grown and their requirements have changed.

What started initially as a contract providing IT services, has evolved to providing 150 Smartphones and VoIP Telephony. Lister manage the whole process of starters and leavers. Leavers return their mobiles to us to be clean wiped, stored and sent back out to new starters.

The IT Services we provide include a Hosted Centralised Server, Data Storage, Centralised Email, MS365 and Cyber Essentials,

for which we offered a bespoke support package using SOTI mobile device management (MDM) to secure and manage their mobile workforce.

To support their growing and widespread workforce, most of whom work away from the office we provide full mobile phone support and VoIP telephony that includes mobility apps.


Much of HallMark’s work is sensitive so IT security is incredibly important and, as most of their workforce spend their time out of the office, it’s important both from a professional and a safety viewpoint, that they can connect to the Head Office via their smart phones and be even more responsive to clients’ needs.

John Gerrard, MD commented:

“Our business involves the efficient mobilisation and management of large numbers of professional staff across the UK, sometimes at very short notice and in difficult circumstances. The IT and telecoms systems provided by Lister are essential to our success and they are excellent to work with. We now have the experience, the infrastructure, the technology and the unique workforce to deliver increasingly ‘intelligent compliance’ solutions.”

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