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Ready Mix company goes Multi Network

BP Mitchell, an established construction and haulage company, sought to enhance its operational efficiency and data management capabilities. Lister Unified Communications responded with a robust managed tablet solution tailored to meet BP Mitchell's unique industry needs.


BP Mitchell faced challenges in managing their field operations, requiring a solution that would ensure seamless connectivity, robust data management, and ease of use for their workforce. The primary requirements were:

·       High-quality, seamless connectivity across various locations.

·       Simple and effective rollout of devices.

·       Pre-configuration of essential software and applications.

·       Durable hardware suitable for construction environments.


Lister Unified Communications implemented a comprehensive solution:

·       Multi-Network SIMs: Provided seamless, high-quality connectivity across multiple networks, ensuring uninterrupted communication and data transfer in various locations.

·       SOTi Mobile Device Management (MDM)Software: Facilitated a simple and effective rollout. This software allowed centralized control and management of the tablet fleet, ensuring security and efficient deployment.

·       Pre-Configuration: Tablets were pre-configured with necessary software, applications, and even office Wi-Fi settings. This "low touch deployment" approach minimized setup time and complexity for end-users.

·       Software Integration: The tablets were equipped with Quarry Minder software, tailored for the construction and haulage industry. This integration provided specialized tools for task management, resource tracking, and data analysis, enhancing operational efficiency.

·       Rugged Tablets in Tough Cases: Considering the demanding environment of construction sites, the tablets were encased in tough, IP-rated cases to withstand harsh conditions.

“Lister have been great to deal with, and made life very simple to move forward integrating a mobile ticketless system to our existing Minder software”


The implementation of the managed tablet solution by Lister Unified Communications led to significant improvements for BP Mitchell:

·       Enhanced Connectivity: The multi-network SIMs ensured constant, high-quality connectivity, vital for real-time data access and communication in field operations.

·       Efficient Rollout and Ease of Use: The use of SOTi MDM and pre-configured tablets made the deployment process simple and stress-free. Employees could use the devices immediately with minimal training.

·       Improved Data Management: Quarry Minder software provided BP Mitchell with a tailored solution for their industry-specific needs, enabling better data management and operational oversight.

·       Durability in Harsh Environments: The robust hardware and protective cases ensured the tablets' longevity and reliability in challenging construction site conditions.


“I would recommend them to anyone looking to deploy managed tablets for business”


Quote from Grahame Dixon, Transport Manager – “Tom and his team at Lister have been great to deal with and made life very simple to move forward integrating a mobile ticketless system into our existing Minder software. They were very efficient and did what they said they would. They took the time to understand the needs of the business, and supplied tablets thatwere fully set up and ready to be deployed to the drivers. After further advice from the team, we chose the multi network sim option that has been seamless, eliminating areas with weak 4G/5G connection. Their ongoing support has been excellent, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to deploy managed tablets for business.”


Lister Unified Communications’ managed tablet solution significantly improved BP Mitchell's operational efficiency, data management, and field communication. This case exemplifies how tailored technological solutions can revolutionize workflow and data handling in industry-specific environments.

 Quote from Tom Blumsom, Lister Communications“Working with BP Mitchell has been a remarkable experience. Their decision to adopt a managed tablet solution, equipped with multi-network Sims, has been a model example of digital transformation. Graham Dixon's vision and professional approach greatly contributed to this successful partnership. We at Lister Communications are thrilled with the outcome and eagerly anticipate supporting BP Mitchell's evolving needs for many years ahead”

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