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Multi-Net Data SIMS to support UK’s first genuinely independent privately owned GNSS network

Vector RTK LTD has created the UK’s first truly independent privately-owned network of GNSS reference stations to offer real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections for precise positioning. 

 Why is this important? It adds market competition and provides fast and accurate positioning information across numerous UK industries. 

 From surveyors to housebuilders, and forestry to farming, it is a fundamental service to so many industries. Having a cost-effective alternative will help businesses reduce costs and increase efficiencies. 

Many businesses use GNSSin equipment but are limited to suppliers. By contacting Vector RTK LTD, customers could make substantial savings on their geo-location services.


The Requirement

In overseeing the general development of the network of (UK) GNSS reference stations, Vector RTK LTD needed reliable connectivity which needed to work consistently in a wide range of geographical areas. 

From early testing, it became clear that SIMs on a single network wouldn’t work in all the areas needed. The SIMs had to have the following key requirements:

  • Excellent 4G coverage in numerous remote locations
  • Unsteered – no preferred “home” network but the ability to switch between multiple UK 4G networks automatically
  • Fixed IP for secure connection and remote access
  • Aggregated data – the ability to share data between SIMs to “level out” usage fluctuations
  • Technical support to assist with various aspects of rollout and device security


Vector RTK Managing Director, Garry Davidson said: “In Lister Communications, we have found the ideal solution and ideal partner. The SIMs work precisely as intended, and by reducing site visits and travel time, we have saved time and money. 


"This has enabled us to create an effective infrastructure more quickly than anticipated. Lister has been excellent in providing real-time usage reports and technical advice to help iron out several teething issues. Their breadth of knowledge and experience has benefited our cyber security protections and enhanced the efficiency of our communications."


The Lister Solution:


By using unsteered, 4G Multi-Network Data SIMs with Fixed IP, Vector RTK LTD can now extract data in real-time as well as securely access and configure equipment remotely. This enables changes to be made ‘over the air’, reducing the need for engineering site visits. This saves time and money and reduces the carbon footprint through reduced travel. 


"Working with the Lister IT division (Lister IT Services), recommendations, changes and improvements to device configuration have enhanced the cyber-security protections and helped change how the network is configured to allow greater resilience and efficiency.  Lister has quickly become a key partner for Vector RTK LTD."

Lister Communications IoT specialist Tom Blumsom said: “Lister has worked in partnership with Vector RTK LTD from early on. The core part of the inter-network connectivity needed a multi-network solution, and we have provided this. Using unsteered SIMs with a fixed IP has allowed secure remote command and control over the network while providing the optimal network performance.”

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