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Tablets with Multi Network Sims enhance operational efficiency for Plumbing & Heating Specialist

Client: D W Dunn Ltd, Plumbing and Heating Specialists
Solution Provider: Lister Unified Communications
Challenge: To upgrade operational processes for enhanced efficiency, faster service delivery, and superior customer service.
Solution: Managed iPad solution with multi-network SIMs.


D W Dunn, known for its exceptional service in plumbing and heating, faced challenges in operational efficiency and customer service delivery. Operating in the Cotswolds, where mobile coverage is inconsistent, they required a solution that would streamline operations, accelerate parts ordering, enable same-day invoicing, and improve overall efficiency.


The key objectives were to:

·       Streamline operational processes.

·       Expedite parts ordering and invoicing.

·       Improve inventory and timesheet management.

·       Maintain constant connectivity for field engineers.

·       Enhance the overall customer service experience.


The Lister Unified Communications Solution

Lister Unified Communications provided a customized solution with iPads equipped with advanced multi-network SIMs capable of switching networks for optimal connectivity.


"We can now issue Gas safety certificates within minutes of completing a job"


iPad Deployment: iPads were distributed to D W Dunn’s engineers, offering them real-time access to necessary data and applications.

Multi-Network SIMs: The iPads were installed with multi-network SIMs, ensuring reliable connectivity across the Cotswolds’ variable mobile coverage areas.

Transition to Industry-Specific Software: D W Dunn moved from a paper-based system to specialized software, streamlining their business processes.

"Switching automatically between mobile networks has been a game-changer" 

Impact and Outcomes

The solution led to several notable improvements:

·       Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The streamlined operations led to quicker service delivery and an increase in overall efficiency.

·       Rapid Parts Ordering and Invoicing: The ability to order parts and invoice on the same day significantly reduced turnaround times.

·       Improved Cash Flow: Faster invoicing processes positively impacted cash flow.

·       Streamlined Inventory and Time sheet Management: The transition to digital systems resulted in better inventory tracking and timesheet management.

·       Seamless Transition: The shift from a paper-based system to digital platforms was smooth and well-received by the team.

·       Focusing on Customer Service

 "Faster invoicing means improved cash-flow"

D W Dunn’s commitment to excellent service, as highlighted on their website, was further enhanced by this technological upgrade. The new system allowed forquicker response times and more efficient job handling, significantly boosting customer satisfaction. They are now able to supply Gas Safety Certificates within minutes of the job being completed.

Quote from Andy Harper, Managing Director - D W Dunn

“As a long-term supplier, Lister Communications consistently provided top-notch service that has significantly enhanced our operations. Their support, understanding of our needs, and quick responses have been instrumental in keeping us connected and efficient. We couldn't be happier with the partnership and the positive impact it has had on our business."


Lister Unified Communications’ managed tablet solution has help transform D W Dunn's business operations, leading to improved efficiency, better customer service, and enhanced operational control. This case study demonstrates the power of using trusted partners who understand the right technology for optimizing business processes and enhancing customer service.

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